Maresi Simone

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Name :

Maresi Simone

I Am A :

Sissy Maid

Age :

55 years, 4 months


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About me:

i am not a man – not even a man wearing female clothes: i am just a little sissy, a submissive and i really don’t want to be anything else! i love the feeling of beautiful lingerie all over my shaved body and i really love to know that everybody can see me like this. And for sure i also would love to develop a nice pair of real tits and a full and feminine bottom to fill up all the curves of my sissy shapeware.

But no – it’s not that i feel like a woman trapped in a male body. i’m not a true transsexual who hates his own sex. i love to fondle and torture my tiny little clitty for hours and hours until i finally find relief between my frillies. But this is all i am able to do with it since i am not just much to small and shaky to perform a real act but prooven to be infertile as well.

Knowing all my lacks just too well i also feel the urge to be seen and to be treated as an obedient slavegirl. i really can’t help it but it makes me aroused to be a target for the REAL Men’s desires and therefore i want to be build and dressed as feminine as possible … yes, i need to become a real fetish shemale and i need to be fucked to accept my sexual inferiority. And if the Mistress decides to have a full castration or a sex-change operation on me i would be glad to become even more demaled.

About my match :

i actually don’t look for anyone in special. So You don’t need to contact me if You are a Mistress searcing for a new money slave…! No matter how beautiful You migh be…!


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Body type:




Eyes color:


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Piercings :

A few



Dont smoke

Drinking :

Drink Occasionally