How to get exposed on Sissy Island

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The sissies exposure is suspended due to legal issues

To be exposed on Sissy island you must follow these rules and steps:

1- You must be registered on Sissy island if it is not done yet CLICK HERE to do so.

Register on Sissy Island and upload some of your photos.

2- write your bio and prepare a verification photo or video.

A bio to introduce yourself, explaining your interests and fetishes.

Photo of you holding a handwritten sign showing your Name, Sissyisland username, and “exposed on” must show your face and figure clearly.

Photo must show your whole face (no sunglasses) with your Sissy island’s USERNAME and text “SISSYISLAND.COM” handwritten on a paper or on your body.

Digitally modified images will be rejected

A short video in which we can see your face while you say the following “OPTIONAL”:

My name is [full name], I have read, accept the rules of and I agree to be exposed on the website.

3- Fill out this form on the Sissy Island admin’s website

Fill out this FORM in the admin of Sissy Island Master Pasha website. SUBMIT FOR THE EXPOSURE fill out the form carefully or you may be rejected.