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My first taste of sissy lust

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      Growing up I had a neighborhood friend who shared his discovery of his parents porn with me. After a few weeks we awkwardly decided it would be better to just play with ourselves in front of each other instead of going home or to the bathroom. It didn’t take much time after we got comfortable with stroking in front of each other when he made the timeless offer of “I’ll suck yours if you suck mine”. The thought of getting a blowjob was exciting so I agreed. We did that all summer, but he was much more eager and would suck me off without any reciprocation required. One time a bunch of were drinking at a park when cops showed up. We all scattered and hid from the cops. I found out he was by himself so I snuck through the park to the area he was and tried to get him to come with us, but he was scared so I just chilled with him as cops did their thing. Again, we had some drinks and he started rubbing my cock and getting me hard, which we had been extremely careful prior to this, but I was still resisting his hunger. Then he started grinding his little hot ass on my cock and told me he wanted to try and have sex sometime. With 5 seconds of him telling me that I put my cock in his mouth and that was the first time he swallowed my cum. He didn’t bring it up again for a while, but he did proceed to swallow all the time after that.

      I was tall and athletic and he was short and petite, so the dynamics were clear. One night we were watching porn and he told me he wanted to just be the girl when we fooled around, which was how the relationship been drifting anyway, and I only cared about getting blowjobs. So, I agreed and he left the room, only to come back in panties, lipstick, and eye shadow. From that point on over the next several years she was the submissive sissy for my alpha cock even though neither of us knew what that was! There’s more to tell about the sexual barriers we crossed, and some of the struggles we dealt with, but I’ll save that for another time!

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