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    I like being a maid. It is the service that I find exciting, simply being treated as an object. I do not seek sexual reward, the reward is being of service, it is the headspace that this creates. I try very hard to provide the very best service that I can.

    A number of friends know this and I have served at private dinner parties and events that they have hosted. I also have service of alcohol certificate and have also serve at public events.

    Depending on what is planned, preparation can begin days ahead and involve:
    • Planning the food and drinks menu with the host – usually cocktails on arrival, hors d’oeuvres, soup and/or entrée, main courses, dessert, coffee and digestif. the complexity is based on how formal an event is planned
    • Shopping, this may or may not be done in uniform. Largely depending on where it fits in my overall schedule. Day of event shopping and preparation are all done in uniform
    • Preparing event – preparing rooms, setting tables, etc. I very much like formal dinner settings with candles, flower arrays, etc
    • Preparing food. This is all done before the event start with only last- minute preparations to be done.
    • Welcoming guests at the door with a curtsy and showing them in
    • Walking around serving pre dinner drink and nibbles. always curtsying to guests who may be sitting
    • Serving dinner to the table, replenishing wine, and water. Trying to be attentive as I can.
    • Clearing table
    • Serving after dinner drinks and coffee
    • Seeing gusts to the door (and sometimes helping them to transport). Curtsying to all as they leave
    • Staying to clean up – washing up, cleaning floors, leaving house neat and tidy. Often the host has gone to bed and I quietly finish up and leave.

    I wear a dress with apron or less formal maid uniform preparing and plain black pumps with a 2” heel. This is a bit easier to work in. Dinner and parties are served in my French maid uniform and 5” heels. Always I am in a very tight and heavily boned corset.

    I do not eat with guests; I only have small snacks (as it is not appropriate to do so and partly from wearing a corset I can hardly breathe in) and while on service I do not drink alcohol at all.

    As you can guess these events are memorable for those attending. There may be comments on my presence at the beginning, some jokes, and a bit of touching. But as I take a focus on being a maid, I quickly merge into the background and people do not even notice me – same way most people treat wait staff in restaurants. It is this anonymity and being treated as an object I find most rewarding.

    Parties are similar, without sit down meals. Variations have been serving in theatres, gallery openings, etc


    Great information Sally! Would love to be the Sissy or French Maid at a party! Have been searching for opportunities but not easy to find opportunities but will keep looking!

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