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    Thanks for taking a moment to browse my post. First off I would like to say that I am new to your site and I’d like to thank you for having me. I have been exploring my feminine side for two years 2 months and a week pretty much. In that time I have gone from somebody who would have considered themselves to be bisexual to somebody who is 100% without any question a submissive sissy femboy (and would be cum slut If I lived in area where there were more people.

    I have been dressing almost extensively full-time feminine for six or so months now and about three months came out on my Facebook account which is the entirety of everybody I’ve ever met that I am a sissy.
    Currently trying desperately to find some people who I can network with to accomplish a few goals. I’m going to post here as well and you never know maybe just maybe I will find the one one connection I need to give me exactly what I want with my life.

    So yes I have a submissive sissy femboy who would love to find a long-term relationship with a femdom. We would have to have more going than just the fact that they were dom and I am sub. Somebody I canconnect with on the deepest levels and share my inner self with. Obviously I am extremely pleasure oriented as in I love to please and do what I’m told for my worthy master.
    I would like to find the human who fits the description for which I just typed but I don’t even know if that person exists on planet Earth or not so I’m not holding my breath for that but if you’re out there you’re reading this here I am please message.
    I also would like to get into making adult content hopefully to the point where I can support myself. I have been off work since I started exploring my sissy self, which is well over 2 years now well not well over actually just 2 years in a month or so without a paycheck of any kind and I’m getting to the point where I’m either going to have to go back to my old career which is quite profitable and whatnot but I really just don’t feel like any part of that life matches me anymore and it just is very depressing to think about I don’t even not like the job or anything I just am done with that part of my life if I can possibly be. So yeah I’m looking for anybody who has interest or ability to help in that regard that is producing some sort of an income off of online adult material.
    And of course if by some chance my one and 50 billion girl happens to read this and has been looking for me here I am.


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