Please someone turn me into a girl.

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      I’m new here. I don’t have any experience but would love to be hypnotized and whatnot. Body changes. Mind broken. Dressed up and trained however you want. I’m 19 living in Oregon and I don’t really look feminine. But help


      Sissy wants to be a good girl also and totally believe that I have no idea how to get a Dom Mistress to feminize me and telling me what I deserve for being a pathetic little sissy Faggot


      Hi ca. Anyone else help me become a sissy


      Good morning ,
      I thought that one could create a profile here with photos and display their perverted needs but I see that is not the case
      I am a 59-year-old transvestite whore, 180.78, smooth and shaved in France, I am here to find a master, a serious pimp who really wants to exploit me in France or when I go to Mouley Bousselham in Morocco.I’m looking for a real grip.


      if interested make proposals here, I will be contacted by email


      I’m also looking for someone to completely transition me into a full fledged feminized submissive shemale bimbo please


      Would love to have someone experiment on me with hypnotism and mind control. Even psychiatric drugs and bondage to reprogram my mind. I would become an obedient uniformed maid. Happy to be such a feminine servant for my new employer.


      I dream of this


      i want to be totally feminized also. make me a sissy bimbo bitch gurl, then use me up


      i also need feminized i would love to have a mistress

    Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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