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    I know there are more extreme methods of staying “chaste”, but sometimes I wear a combination altered pantyhose and super light panties that aren’t as “hard” as a “proper” cage, but smashing my smallishness into a thin pair of panties that push through a cock-sized hole results in a fairly effective anti-stiffy pouch.

    I walked to the store earlier with my panty cage in effect.

    As usual, there weren’t any appropriately dressed ladies in skirts and hose to “perv” on.
    It’s a small-town, so no real big opportunities to ogle city girls in heels, hose, and dresses.
    Luckily, I am sissy enough to have worn nude pantyhose, a short pleated tennis skort and a pair of thin black panties to ensure that SOMEBODY is going to have some sexy unseen gear.

    The weather is crappy… and wet.
    I considered wearing an actual raincoat and shorts, but with the definite shine my pantyhose give off, I opted for my “boy” rain gear.
    I do a lot of hiking – I can find spots to take a break and explore my ladyness. I have a few pix that I can show, I write stories to go with the images.
    I wasn’t planning on anything other than getting what I needed and perhaps a few treats, so I packed light and tight.

    A pair of nude hose, custom cut to make the pantyhose “conform” to me.
    My slick black panties were next. Being seamless, they are also very thin and without any elastic bands.
    Next are the black pantyhose. It was a last-minute decision, but I figured it would be lonely and dark out on the street. Lonely and dark enough to walk without the rain gear…?
    The black hose let enough of me through for the thin panties to pack me into a small mound-pouch.
    I am pretty proud of the overall result.
    Putting a tennis skirt over my tightly bound mound, every step was a reminder of how
    I need to do some pictures of this. There are some folks that are into ruined or denied cummies, right?

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