Hi! I’m hoping to make friends here and learn more about my sissy side

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      Hello all 🙂 I’m a 37 year old submissive male who’s here to learn more about my sissy side and make some friends in the process. I’ve been together with my beautiful wife/mistress for the past 16 years, married the past 10 years and living a 24/7 chastity/FLR lifestyle for the past 6 years. We didn’t really start any non-vanilla lifestyle activities until the past 6 years when I asked her to lock me in chastity. It’s been a 24/7 journey for us since then. I wear a Behind Barz chastity belt most of the time and while she’s doesn’t always keep me locked up I’m to remain chaste regardless of wearing a device or not until she sees fit to release me.

      It’s been a odd pace for us advancing into our FLR/chastity lifestyle as sometimes it feels like we’re progressing at a snails pace and other times things can get pretty wild and continue that way for a while and then it’s like the brakes are put on and we’re at a standstill for a while. Sometimes the lifestyle can be equally frustrating as it is fun. I’ve learned a lot about my wife and myself over the last 6 years and have had no regrets and have never been happier than living a FLR/chastity relationship with her.

      I’ve never truly been into any sort of crossdressing at least until chastity, however I don’t consider myself into crossdressing in the conventional sense. I also understand not all crossdressers consider themselves as sissies. I have a huge latex, vinyl and leather fetish and that’s the type of feminine clothing I prefer. I consider myself a sissy maid who would prefer to wear a French maids outfit with all the accessories made out of black and or pink vinyl preferably. I’d like to be dressed like this around our house while I did chores and tasks my wife requests of me. This is not something that I would be able to do on a daily basis but on select days we have the privacy.

      The problem other than privacy that I’ve run into is that my wife is not into feminizing me in any way, shape or form. About 3 years ago I couldn’t keep it bottled up anymore and had to confess to her that I wanted to be her sissy maid. My wife was very understanding as to why I would want this and understood my desire for the humiliation aspect but had a hard time swallowing the thought of me being a sissy maid. She explained to me that seeing me dressed in femme attire is a hard limit for her. Part of her attraction to me is my masculine appearance and it’s something she likes very much and isn’t interested in seeing me as a sissy. She says she’d prefer a slave butler versus a sissy maid.

      I couldn’t really argue with that because a hard limit is a hard limit and when something turns you off it’s hard to get into the moment. I left it alone in hopes I could revisit my kink in the future, hopefully near future. I also think another part of her issue is also the stigma behind the broader idea of what a sissy is I.e some of the sexual aspects associated with being a sissy such as wanting to pleasure men etc… Although I do have certain sexual cuckolding fantasies that do incorporate that, that’s not what I’m looking for.

      I’m hoping to find friends here that can help me understand my sissy side as well as help me explain and help my wife understand my desires to be her sub sissy maid. I know hard limits can be softened over time and I’m hoping she’ll understand my feelings and burning internal desire for living out my maid fantasy. I look forward to meeting all of you! 🙂


      Well hello there my friend

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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