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    Hello everyone, I am Dani, once a closeted sissy until I moved out to Seattle, and got a condo with 2 females that I didn’t know at the time that they were Femdoms until 7 months later. I ended up working 3rd shift at an Adult Shop with a Theater. On my one day off, they came home early on a Friday evening and caught me watching bbc hypno while wearing a cute outfit that I had bought at my job (the outfit was a schoolgirl outfit and I only wore the skirt, a thong I had bought, and the knee highs). They caught me red handed riding my black cock dildo and they took a picture for safe keeping insurance if they needed to blackmail me in case I moved out without paying the next month if I did end up moving out. After that night, and for the next 6 months, I was trained by them and they never laid ownership to me because they weren’t like that. We went to femdom/domme/dom/dominatrix and sissy meet ups for a while until 1 fake Mistress/Goddess tried to claim ownership of me while I was outside smoking with a dom, chatting with him and getting to know more about the lifestyle from the male dom side, and I learned quite a bit. Now back to the fake mistress/goddess who tried to claim me under her ownership, my 2 roommates come out and want to go home, change and go out. I wasn’t dressed up because we kept it in the home, and behind closed doors, as they wanted me to themselves, they didn’t want to share me and vice versa. 2 years later, we decided to part ways and go our separate ways. They stuck together because it was a switch-switch relationship between them, and they both were domme when they wanted to include me. 6 years later, I moved back home and close to my parents house so I could help take care of my mother while my dad worked. I ended up getting a messenger call out of the blue from an account I long thought deactivated and answered it, and sure enough it was my 2 domme roommates now engaged and they saw that I moved back home…they would sit there and listen to me about my home state, and decided to move here 2 months prior to me moving back home. So here I am sitting in my 2 bedroom apartment, 15 minutes from my 2 old domme roommates, and we are going to start up our switch-switch-sub adventures (we call them adventures because they are in a relationship with each other and they always wanted to never share me, because apparently I was the best sissy sub they could ever ask for and they never caged me because they thought it would hinder them teaching me how to be a switch 😈). Anywho, I’m Dani and pleasure to be here.

    *Edit: I will post a picture of myself all dressed up and just in my normal clothes. I am a switch however I use Dani for purposes as I don’t give out my real name unless connect on a personality level.*

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