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    I am a 59 year old sissy, I am in good health and shape, twice divorced. I was a young preteen sissy and put it all “away” as an older teen because I had no point of reference, no allies, and frankly thought I was weird for thinking such thoughts, dressing in my mother’s lingerie, and masturbating while thinking of the numerous men my mom brought home on the weekends, coming into my room and catching me and then having their way with me.

    I am Ricca Deviannna, I am a Gemini, and an actual dual persona. Ricca re-emerged in the early 2000’s after my last divorce. Many, many suppressed memories. I actually hypnotized myself as a teen (I sent away for a self hypnosis cassette tape from the back of one of my comic books) to forget my sissy self. It actually worked as well for I didn’t remember any of my sissy life until my divorce and much emotional strife. It started breaking thru at that point and I started remembering my youth.

    I had an aunt who for at least two summers that I can recall, basically made me her personal oral sex toy, she never reciprocated anything back to me but would let me fondle her panties and bra, smelling them and rubbing them on myself. This is where my fascination with lingerie began and after my aunt cut me off (because my puberty was starting to manifest, I believe), I started dressing, laying on my mother’s bed, masturbating while looking at myself in her big picture mirror. After those sessions, I started playing with any object “phallic” shaped and would constantly fuck my sissy hole, eat my own cum, and could suck myself off as well (well the first couple inches anyway).I constantly thought of myself as a girl and had a natural crush on my black best friend, the only black family on my street that lived across from us.

    Now… I am hoping to find an alpha man, well hung (as I am a size queen and cannot help it), who wants a constant source of relief at their call, who wants a loyal, horny, obedient, bottom slut who cooks well, cleans great, and worships cock with fevered abandonment. 💋

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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