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    Sit your sub down and tell him that you want him to do something. Ideally the purpose of this should not be obvious. It isn’t a service to you or something that benefits anyone, and in fact it appears to do little except make him suffer in some way. Afterwards you can tell him it was a sacrifice to demonstrate his devotion to you. And it will also be interesting to see how eager he is to obey you when he doesn’t know why you’re making the demand. 
    Here are some ideas for sacrifices: 
    ‘I want you to skip one meal’
    ‘You may not use the internet today.’
    ‘Walk to the shops instead of taking the car.’
    If he asks why, simply say ‘Because I desire it.’ 
    In the long term, having him make small sacrifices like these frequently will train him to stop questioning you. Ideally, you should be able to make any demand of your sub and he should obey you without hesitation, regardless of what it is. The purpose of your orders is not for him to think about, and once he internalises this you’ll find him less likely to resist your other orders, too. 
    Sacrifices like the above will also make him incredibly grateful to you. Now every time he uses the car, or internet, or eats three meals in a day, he will remember that he can only do so because of your generosity and won’t take them for granted.


    Tell me what your opinions are


    Goddess, if i may be allowed to respectfully offer an opinion (and only since You asked), i completely agree with Your viewpoint on how to make a sub grateful for everything their superior Female does for them, and to become conditioned to obey their Leader’s instructions without wasting any of Her time by thinking about the “why” behind the commands given by Her. “Why” has no place in a sub’s life, only Her will. The sub must trust that ultimately She knows best, and moreover that She ultimately has everyone’s best interest in mind. In my opinion, everything good in a sub’s life comes by, with, and through Her. When a sub accepts that- truly and completely- a huge weight is lifted from their chest and they can finally be free to live the life they were meant to live, free from worry of having to make decisions best left to their Female leader. Which goes to Your final point Ma’am, that is where true gratitude comes from… the recognition the the sub’s life is truly better in every way because of Her leadership. Thank You Goddess for the opportunity to offer these opinions. Very respectfully- B

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